Zombies are hostile mobs that appear in two slightly different forms. The most common form closely resembles the player, and a less common form that resembles a villager may appear. The rarer form is called a Zombie Villager, and 5% of all zombies spawned are of this type. Zombies spawn in dimly-lit areas, and will attack the player by slowly moving toward them, touching them and thereby inflicting damage. Like skeletons, zombies catch fire in sunlight. Zombies will not attack Iron Golems.

Zombie VillagersEdit

If any type of zombie attacks a villager and kills them, there is a chance (100% in hard
Zombie Villager
difficulty, 50% in normal, 0% in easy and peaceful) that the villager will become infected and transform into a zombie villager. This often occurs during sieges. These zombie villagers can be 'healed' by throwing a splash potion of weakness onto them, then giving them a Normal golden apple by right-clicking on the zombie villager with it. You will hear a loud hissing sound and the Zombie Villager will begin to shudder. Wait around 3 minutes ( They must be protected from attacks and sun damages ) . However, these cured villagers do not retain the same trades they had before they became infected. Also, if the zombie villager has picked up any of your equipment, including armor, these items simply disappear when the villager is cured. This works even if the zombie was spawned as this type rather than being spawned as a villager, and later converted.


Zombies have four distinct forms in-game:

  1. A Zombie. The original form of zombies have green skin, empty eye sockets, and identical clothing to the player and humans. They are 2 blocks tall, 1 block wide, and 0.24 blocks thick.
  2. A Zombie villager. They have the same body as a normal zombie, but their heads are a Zombified version of a villager's head. These Zombies will rarely spawn in place of a normal Zombie, including Zombie spawners or eggs. They may occur on normal, hard, or hardcore gamemode when any type of Zombie slays a Villager. These can be cured with a Splash Potion of Weakness and a normal Golden Apple to create a Villager.
  3. A Baby Zombie. These Zombies do not spawn, but can be spawned when using mods. These zombies possess the incredible speed of a Baby Villager, but cannot be cured.
  4. A Baby Zombie villager. These Zombies do not spawn, but may occur on normal, hard, or hardcore gamemode when any type of Zombie slays a Baby Villager. These zombies retain the incredible speed of a Baby Villager. These can be cured to create a Villager.

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