The YogCraft Pack is a modpack designed specifically for The Yogscast, a network of YouTube personalities producing game-related entertainment videos. Having originally used the well-known Tekkit modpack for their YouTube series, The Yogscast now directly converted their Tekkit map to the YogCraft Feed The Beast pack.

The current version of this pack is version 1.0.0 for Minecraft 1.4.7, released on Mar. 12th 2013.

With 23 gameplay-oriented mods, the YogCraft modpack is smaller than most other Feed The Beast packs, although it still retains most of the larger mods. It was designed in such a way to better accomodate the needs of multiple people from across the globe.

Although featured in the LPs, Flan's Mod  and Usefulfood by Silentspy  are not available in the most recent public version of YogCraft.


The YogCraft Pack currently features the following mods:

Non-Gameplay and/or User Interface modsEdit

Gameplay ModsEdit


Version Number Date of Addition Additions Summary
pre-1.1.0 Mar. 5, 2013 *You could obtain the pre-release modpack by entering the password "yogspack"
1.0.0 Mar. 12, 2013 *Official Release.

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