Name Xychorium
Type Gem
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 24256 - 24260
Source Mod XyCraft

Xychorium is a crystal produced from mining Xychorium Ore. There are 5 different colors of Xychorium. Currently, the 5 colors of Xychorium are Red, Blue, Green, Light, and Dark.


Xychroium is found by mining Xychorium Ore. Each ore drops 15-16 crystals. The Fortune enchantment (past II) does seem to change the amount of Xychorium that you find.


Xychorium is used in the creation of Xychoridite by smelting and Xychorium Blocks by crafting. All Xychorium has 10 Vitreus. Additionally, Red has 15 Fractus, Blue has 20 Imperito, Green has 25 Victus, Dark has 30 Tenebris and Light has 60 Lux.

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