Writing Desk
Grid Writing Desk
Physics No
Luminance No
Data Value 1289
Source Mod Mystcraft
The Writing Desk is part of the Mystcraft mod, and is used to rename Ages, write new Ages, and record Age Symbols in a Notebook.


Crafting GUI.png

Glass Bottle

Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank


Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank

Writing Desk

Video TutorialEdit

File:Block Spotlight - Writing Desk

Complete MystCraft GuideEdit

This is a comprehensive guide that will teach you everything you need to know to successfully use MystCraft.

Direwolf20 V0.10.x

Mod Spotlight - Mystcraft v0.1024:04

Mod Spotlight - Mystcraft v0.10.x

older version

FTB Feed The Beast Tutorial - Mystcraft, Comprehensive Guide20:43

FTB Feed The Beast Tutorial - Mystcraft, Comprehensive Guide

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