Wooden Windmill
Grid Wooden Windmill
Type Item
Stackable No
Used In Kinetic Generator
Data Value 5278
Source Mod RedPower 2
The Wooden Windmill is used inside a Kinetic Generator to generate Blutricity. It is cheaper than the Wooden Wind Turbine, but also produces less energy.

Wind MillsEdit

Kinetic Generator in configuration of wind mill will produce energy depending on obstacles nearby, engine y-position in world (height), and weather. There's nothing like wind in Minecraft, so it adds also some randomness. It can produce up to ten times more energy than a Solar Panel does. To get ideal results, place your wind mill at heights from 100 to 200 m. Wind mills also generate more power when it's raining/storm. You can see current energy production on a slider in the gui (red border).

There are two types of windmill - vertical-axis and horizontal-axis. If using vertical-axis, place your engine facing upward, then open its gui and put Wooden Wind Turbine in it (green border), if using horizontal-axis, place it facing horizontally, then put Wooden Windmill in it. Mill heads slowly get damage when being used.

Auto-brake mechanismEdit

If the voltage in the system goes above 110 Volts (everything is charged),there is no need to generate more energy so the windmill activates its brakes. In this mode, mill spins slowly, however it does not produce any energy and it does not damage the head. It will also recover its speed faster, nearly instantly, when there is again need for energy.


Crafting GUI.png

Wooden Sail

Wooden Sail

Iron Slab Strip

Wooden Sail

Wooden Sail

Wooden Windmill

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