Wooden Waterproof Pipe
Grid Wooden Waterproof Pipe
Type Pipe
Tool Any tool
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Buildcraft 3

Wooden Waterproof Pipes are able to extract liquids such as Water, Lava, Oil and Fuel. They will not pump fluids from direct source blocks. Instead, a Buildcraft Pump must be used to which the Pipe can then be connected. Wooden Pipes need power from an Engine to work.

Two Wooden Pipes will not connect when put next to each other, but will connect with any other pipe put adjacent to it. Liquids will be extracted from the darker end of the pipe. The pipe's direction can be changed using a Buildcraft Wrench.

The Wooden Waterproof Pipe will pump liquids when it is placed next to a Tank or a Buildcraft Pump. If a Waterproof Pipe is not connected to anything else, it will still hold the liquid.


Crafting GUI.png

Pipe Waterproof

Wooden Transport Pipe

Wooden Waterproof Pipe


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