The Wood Golem Worker is a golem from Thaumcraft 3, useful for keeping an area clear of dropped items. When placed on a chest, the Wood Golem Worker will pick up any items which drop on the ground nearby and store them in that chest.

Assigning a Wood Golem Worker to a double chest can be an alternative to using a Hungry Chest when the additional storage space is required. If items are expected to drop in anything larger than a 1-block area, the Wood Golem will be more useful than an Obsidian Transport Pipe.

A Wood Golem can be very useful to collect Sulfur Goo, by placing Sulfur Torchs around a chest with a Wood Golem assigned to it. It can also be used in conjunction with a Straw Golem Worker to automate farming.

A basic Wood Golem Worker will store any loose items it can in the assigned chest. A Wood Golem Worker crafted with an Intelligence Golem Animation Core can be limited to storing only the two items specified in its chest.

Wood Golem Workers can also store items in a barrel when placed on top of one, which can be useful for cheap storage or if you don't want to make an Intelligence core just for one item, such as when collecting eggs.

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