Woodcuter Module
The woodcutter attachment on a standard hull.

Modular Cost


Construction TIme

9m 45 sec

Working Area


Hull Compatibility

Standard, Advanced

The Woodcuter cuts down trees, plant saplings and remove leaves within a 3x3 radius of the tool, or 1 block away from the track . You need a Standard Hull or Advanced Hull to use this Tool. For the others it is too complex. Using this tool it is very easy to create steve's carts tree farms.


When rightclicking on a cart with the woodcutter, the GUI will reveal a section with 3 slots. Place saplings in those slots. The cart will place those saplings along the sides of the track, with 1 block in between each, and will cut them down when it arrives next to the grown trees. The cart will only operate while it is on a track, so the easiest method is to simply make a large square of track so the cart goes around forever. A cargo manager can be used to unload wood from the cart. Storage attachments are also necessary to hold the saplings, apples, and wood that the cart collects. The cart will also need an engine to power it. Coal engines can be powered by excess wood or saplings the tree farm generates (and this process can be automated with the cargo manager). Solar engines are generally less effective, as the grown trees prevent their use. However, if you have the resources, a compact solar engine, internal storage, and a coal engine will allow for the most efficient tree farming.


Crafting GUI.png

Saw Blade

Saw Blade

Saw Blade

Iron Ingot

Wood Cutting Core

Saw Blade

Saw Blade

Wood Cutter

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