The Ultimate Solar Helmet is a normal solar helmet with a 1 million storeage capacity, better EU production, andquantum helmet protection, with a Gravichestplate or electric jet pack/andvanced electric jet pack you could fly for almost forever (so long as there's no rain...). It could also be used to charge battery packs, lithium bat packs, or ultimate / advanced lap packs. It is crafted using a quantum helmet so it offers the same protection, however, you lose the ability of the quantum helmet to breath underwater,auto-feed and cure poison and wither.It will work during the night but not during rain, just like the normal solar helmet.This helmet is probobly the most expencive peice of armor in feed the beast, save the gravichestplate. It uses 1 ultimate hybrid solar panel, a quantum helmet, two supeconductors,a HV-transformer, and two advanced circuits.

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