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Note: The Wand of Cooling has been removed in factorization version 0.8.03 (and later)

Wand of Cooling
Grid Wand of Cooling
Name Wand of Cooling
Type Item
Stackable No
Data Value 9261
Source Mod Factorization

The Wand of Cooling can be used to freeze water, Simply right click on or near a water source with the wand to convert it to a block of ice. Additionally, using the wand on Lava or non-source water will destroy the lava/water (leaving air in its place). The wand has an effective radius of 4 blocks - any water or lava in that radius will be cooled. The wand has 13312 uses so it will need to be recrafted just like an ordinary tool.


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot

Heat Hole


Wand of Cooling

Video TutorialsEdit

FTB Block Study - Wand of Cooling01:23

FTB Block Study - Wand of Cooling

This video explains the recipe, use, and function of the Wand Of Cooling.

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