The Vile Sword is a weapon made with 1 stick and 2 Corrupted Ingots.  It functions the same as the Iron Sword with the same durability and damage however it has one advantage - it can obtain the Soul Stealer enchantment.  This enchantment allows for more than one soul to be trapped in a Soul Shard with one extra soul added per level of enchantment.  While only up to Soul Stealer 4 is possible in the Enchanting table, Soul Stealer 5 may be obtained with an anvil.

Soul Stealer 5

A Soul Stealer 5 Vile Sword only possible in an anvil in survival mode.

Level of Soul Stealer Souls trapped per kill
0 (Native Vile Sword) 1
1 2
2 3
3 4
4 5
5 6


Crafting GUI.png

Corrupted Ingot

Corrupted Ingot


Vile Sword

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