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Valve - Still Alive
Grid Valve - Still Alive
Type Music Disc
Stackable No
Source Mod Portal Gun Mod
  The Valve- Still Alive disc is a Music Disc from the Portal Gun Mod . It plays the same song found at the end of the first Portal Game, which is sung by Ellen McLain. Like all Music Discs, when the Still Alive Disc is placed into a Jukebox or Disk Drive, it will play the Still Alive song. Like all Discs, the Disc will be returned after ejection.

Technically, the name of the disc is Still Alive, as the Valve is simply copyright homage and artist addition.

Because it has a different texture than Vanilla Music Discs, as well as a different name, it cannot be converted into a Vanilla Music Disc with the Forge Lexicon.


MachineGUI Background.png
MachineGUI Furnace.png

Weighted Companion Cube


Valve - Still Alive

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Feed The Beast Tutorials - Still Alive Music Disc01:28

Feed The Beast Tutorials - Still Alive Music Disc

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