Valuable bees are the end of the line bee of the Precious Branch from the Extra Bees add-on for Forestry.

It is obtained by crossbreeding Glittering and Ender Bees. Its place at the end of the evolution tree, ultra low breeding chance, and low fertility ancestors makes this bee one of the hardest to obtain. Advanced genetics and an Alveary with Mutators are highly recommended to breed valuable bees.


This bee produces rocky combs(20%) and platinum combs(1%).  Platinum combs are relatively useless unless Gregtech is part of the modpack in which case it'll Centrifuge into a tiny pile (1/4) of Platinum Dust, along with a low chance of beeswax and honey drops.

Maximum production requires an Alveary with 6 frames and a fastest bee. This will produce enough tiny piles for about 33 platinum per hour. Platinum can be used to fuel mass/matter fabs, for cheaper alternate recipes for energy flow and data control circuits, or for the quantum tank recipe. Arguably the best use is to put them into the industrial centrifuge, producing one Iridium Ingot for every 9 platinum.

Like all other bees that produce mineral combs, Valuable bees start out with minimal fertility (1 drone). Risky crossbreeding or serums are needed to make them fertile and breed more valuable bees.


Valuable bees are the easiest way to get lots of iridium . Start by innoculating your platinum bees with a maximum fertility serum, and then after an hour or two of automation in either an apiary or alveary , use the drone offspring of the valuable bee to retrive the valuable species serum. Use this serum on several rocky princesses , and then innoculate those with the fastest production speed serum that you have. Place these in automated alvearies, and make sure that they are producing comb. Void pipe the rocky combs , and centerfuge the platinum combs. Send the tiny piles of platinum dust to an auto-crafting table, and make platinum dusts . You can find a use for the honey and wax . The platinum dusts should be sent to an industrial centrifuge. Pump out the iridium nuggets and  tiny piles of nickel dust. Auto-craft the iridium nuggets in a 3*3 crafting grid, and send them to the top of a barrel. The tiny piles of nickel dust can be made into nickel dust, which has many uses.


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