The Vajra is an end-game multi-tool added by the GraviSuite mod. The Vajra can mine any block type (excluding Bedrock, End Portal Frame and Warded Blocks, due to their non-mineable properties but includes personal safe)  in one hit, even while flying, falling, swimming or underwater. It is powered by EU and has an internal storage of 1 million EU. It can be charged in an MFE or an MFSU or by a worn BatPack, LapPack or upgraded variant, GraviChest Plate, or Advanced JetPack. Although it is a very powerful tool, there are some drawbacks, mainly its high EU consumption (3,333 EU per block-breaking, 6,666 EU per usage to fight mobs - this especially becomes noticeable if you're using it in conjunction with a flying chestpiece that also works as a power source) and its expensive crafting recipe, requiring a significant amount of Iridium and other rare materials.

The Vajra deals 13 hearts of damage to mobs, consuming 6,666 EU per usage (twice as much as mining). It is possible, with the use of enchanted books, to apply the Silk Touch or Fortune enchantments to the Vajra.


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Plate

Carbon Plate

Advanced Alloy

Energy Crystal

Varja Core

Lapotron Crystal

Iron Plate

Carbon Plate

Advanced Alloy


  • There are many different ways of crafting the Vajra, but this only shows a few possibilities. Some things that can be substituted are written below. Also this doesn't count the fuel used to smelt some items and such.
  • 8 of the Redstone and 1 of the Diamond can be substituted by 1 Sapphire. 2 Redstone can be substituted by Silver, which can be substituted by Electrum, which is made of Silver and Gold. (There are three raw recipes for Glass Fibre Cable, one with Redstone (which yields 4 Glass Fibre Cables), one with silver (which yields 6 Glass Fibre Cables) and one with electrum (which yields 8 Glass Fibre Cables).)
  • One Diamond can be substituted by a Ruby.
  • It would be more efficient to macerate 32 Coal Ore, as the Coal is used only to make Carbon Plates, which are made of Coal Dust.


  • Putting a Vajra in a deployer corrupts the world.
  • Using any armor that uses energy including Power Armor will drain the Vajra and destroy it.

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