Feed The Beast: Ultimate Edition was originally intended to be a compilation modpack, featuring the "best" modifications for Minecraft available. It runs on Minecraft 1.4.7 as a base, and so is one of the older FtB mods still being maintained.

Deprecation Edit

This pack is now deprecated in favour of either FTB Unleashed or FTB Unhinged - Unleashed has all of the modpacks they could include, whereas Unhinged includes GregTech.

RedPower 2 Edit

Note: The Ultimate Pack includes RedPower 2, which does not work in later versions of Minecraft, and does not look like it will be receiving further updates, so is currently stuck at 1.4.7 unless RedPower 2 receives further updates.

Upgrading from Ultimate Edit

That means that neither of the "successor" packs is compatible directly, nor has all of the features (e.g. Red Alloy Wire, Filters, Transposers, Pneumatic Tubes etc.

Liklihood of an update Edit

Ultimate has continued to receive bug fixes and minor updates well into late 2013, but unless RedPower 2 is updated, it is unlikely it will move on to later Minecraft versions.

As RedPower 2's author is no longer working on updates, this does not seem possible in the future.

Mods Included Edit

The following mod pack includes these mods:

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