Wild DeerEdit

Deer are creatures that are found in most twilight forest biomes. The deer have a model similar to the models in the mod "mocreatures". When killed they drop venison which can be cooked into venison steaks. Deer also have a chance of dropping leather. They seem to be the Twilight Forest equivalent to cows- in particular, they make all the same sounds as the Overworld cows.


 However, they cannot be milked.

Bighorn SheepEdit

Bighorn sheep are similar to sheep in the overworld, but they are skinnier and have curled horns. They can be found in any color except white, with the majority being a dark brown. Like sheep, they provide wool when sheared and
Bighorn Sheep
eat grass to regrow their wool. They are the Twilight Forest equivalent to sheep.

Tiny BirdsEdit

Tiny birds have 4 different feather patterns that resemble bluebirds, cardinals, goldfinches and sparrows. They are attracted to seeds, but there is no way to breed the birds. They occasionally drop feathers when killed.



Like rabbits, squirrels seem to have no particular function other than running around and shaking their tails.


These black birds are smaller than a chicken, but larger than the tiny birds of the forest. One can sometimes find a raven's feather or two after killing a raven. Raven's feathers are an important component of the Magic Map.

A Raven!


Penguins live in great numbers on top of glaciers. They can drop 1-2 feathers each. If pushed off a surface, they will flap down similar to chickens and not take fall damage. You can not take the penguins to the normal world.They eat raw fish and wheat.


A Penguin!

If you do not wish to bring a penguin through the portal, you can right click a chicken with transformation powder (found in hollow hills) it will turn into a penguin. They can be bred by feeding them raw fish or wheat.

Quest RamEdit

This rare animal only appears in one biome. It is a ram with glowing stripes on it. It spawns in an enchanted grove and is able to leave but it always reenters after several seconds. It feeds on wool blocks one of every color. Once you feed it one of every color it will give you 1 diamond block, 1 emerald block, 1 lapis lazuli block, 1 iron block, 1 block of gold, and a Crumbled horn.

You can see what colors you've given by the stripes on his back, so when you give him red wool, he gets a red stripe on his back.

Bring Animals to the OverworldEdit

All animals from the twilight forest can be brought to the Overworld by pushing them into the portal that appeared when you came through.

Using Transformation Powder (found in treasure chests) on animals is another method.


Bringing Creatures to the Overworld