Twilight ForestEdit


This biome exemplifies the Twilight Forest. Canopy trees stretch overhead, trees grow thickly throughout, and occasional Twilight Oaks grow to the cloud level. Ferns, tall grass, and mushrooms grow on the ground.

Dense Twilight ForestEdit


The dense Twilight Forest biome is hillier and more thickly forested than the normal Twilight Forest biome. Bushes and other ground vegetation make it difficult to navigate. Ferns outnumber any other type of ground cover in this biome.



The Twilight Forest swamp has mangrove trees, swamp oak trees and vines growing throughout. Many small pools of water have sand or clay at the bottom.

Fire SwampEdit


A strange variant of the swamp with rust-red grass and foliage. Lava pools replace water pools here. Small marks on the ground occasionally erupt into flame jets or columns of smoke. The fire swamp is the natural home of the hydra.



The highlands are high plateaus covered in birch trees, pine trees, and large oak trees.

Mushroom ForestEdit

As the name would suggest, this biome features more mushrooms than normal. Mushroom canopy trees occasionally replace the normal canopy trees, and giant mushrooms dot the landscape.

Deep Mushroom ForestEdit


This biome occurs rarely inside the mushroom forest biome. The mushrooms, huge mushrooms and canopy mushrooms are especially thick here, and patches of mycelium replace the grass in spots.



A flat, grassy spot of the forest with few trees and lots of high grass and flowers. Maze dungeons are exclusive to this biome.



Deep in the forest, you might encounter these huge, deep blue lakes. It is rumored that one day, an island might appear in the lakes. Who knows what it will hold?

Dark ForestEdit


The dark forest is a spooky place. An opaque canopy of leaves leaves most sections of this biome as dark as underground.

Enchanted ForestEdit


A strange area with ever-shifting foliage colors. Some adventurers report that a strange structure can be found here, with a stranger creature inside.

Snowy ForestEdit


This biome surrounds a glacier and features a thick snowfall covering pine trees. It is very similar to the vanilla Minecraft snow biome.



A region of giant ice cliffs. On top of a glacier, one can find massive colonies of penguins.



The river might technically be considered a biome. Rivers weave along borders between most other biomes. The rivers in the Twilight Forest have a fair amount of lily pads.


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