Grid Turtle
Name Turtle
Type Mobile computer
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod ComputerCraft

A turtle is similar to a Computer but it has movement capabilities. This is not particularly useful but its main appeal is that you can upgrade it to a much more useful turtle. After upgrading to a turtle like the Mining Turtle, the commands "excavate" (mines a certain area down, such as excavate 3 will mine a 3x3 block going down) and "tunnel" (mines a 3 wide, 2 high tunnel) are very useful. Turtles, like computers must be labeled for their programs to save. To do this type 'label set "Name"'  This will name the turtle and it will no longer stack, all programs saved to the turtle will be kept without the usage of a floppy disk.

Turtles require fuel (if you have ultra hardcore mode set to true in the config). They accept combustible items (items that burn in a furnace) and numerous items that store MJ or EU. The command to refuel a turtle is 'turtle.refuel(amount). For example 'turtle.refuel(64) will refuel the turtle with 64 items. The fuel values for combustible items is ((fuel * 5) / 100), where "fuel" is the number of ticks a fuel burns in a normal furnace. Some examples of fuel values for items are shown below.

Item Movement gained Added by
Scrap 17 IndustrialCraft
Coalfuel Can 1520 IndustrialCraft
Wooden Scaffolding 15 IndustrialCraft
Peat 80 Forestry
Sugar Cane 0 Vanilla
Wooden Tools 10 Vanilla
Lava 1000 Vanilla
Blaze Rod 120 Vanilla
Wood Blocks 15 Vanilla
Sticks 5 Vanilla
Coal/Charcoal 80 Vanilla
Mushroom Blocks 15 Vanilla
Coal Coke 160 Railcraft
Alumentum 320 Thaumcraft

Another way to fuel turtles is with the Charge Station from Misc Peripherals.



7. Iron Ingot

1. Computer

1. Chest

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot



Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot



Note: All turtles that use diamond tools also accept ruby, green sapphire, and sapphire tools, with their respective colors of tool on the crafted turtle. It is much better to use non-diamond tools as they are much less valuable but will not be able to mine obsidian unless you have the diamond variety just as you can only mine obsidian with a diamond pickaxe.

All turtles can also be made wireless.

Mining TurtleEdit

Crafting GUI.png


Diamond Pickaxe

Mining Turtle

Felling TurtleEdit

Digging TurtleEdit

Farming TurtleEdit

Wireless TurtleEdit

Crafting GUI.png


Wireless Modem

Wireless Turtle

Crafty TurtleEdit

Theres also a dance program that comes with the turtle. here is a demonstration

Mining Turtle Gets Down03:21

Mining Turtle Gets Down


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