This article is about RedPower 2's Tungsten Ore. You may be looking for GregTech's Tungstate Ore.

Tungsten Ore
Tungsten Ore
Name Tungsten Ore
Type Block
Tool Grid Iron Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 213:6
Source Mod RedPower 2

Tungsten Ore is added to world generation by RedPower 2. In conjunction with GregTech, it can be used to produce Tungsten Ingots and Wolframium Cells.

With GregTech, Tungsten Ore can be turned into Tungsten Dust using the Macerator, Pulverizer, Induction Furnace, or the Industrial Grinder.

In RedPower2, Tungsten Ore can allegedly be used to craft the legendary Song Block which plays a song like the Jukebox.The Mod Creator released this information and has given no recipe for the Song Block as it is a secret. Currently no one has found the crafting recipe.

Tungsten Ore does not appear in NEI.

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