Tungsten Ingot
Grid Tungsten Ingot
Type Ingot
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 21256:27
Source Mod GregTech

Tungsten Ingots are ingots crafted from Tungsten Ore or Tungsten Dust. Tungsten Ore is itself a part of RedPower 2, however, Tungsten Ingots are a product of the GregTech mod.


Tungsten Ingots are produced from smelting Tungsten Dust in an Industrial Blast Furnace. Tungsten needs 2500 heat to smelt so Advanced Machine Casing are required in a furnace to be able to smelt tungsten, which means the player needs a lot of Titanium Ingots and Chrome Ingots .


Tungsten Ingots can be used as a component in Energy Flow Circuits, Superconductor, Wolframium Grinders, and Mixed Metal Ingots.


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