The Translocator takes Items from one Inventory (green facing) and places them into the other (red facing). If you put stuff into its Filter then it will only transfer these Items, but that doubles the Transfercost. The Translocator is upgradable to the Advanced Translocator

The cost of a transfer is determined by complexity of the two Inventories. If both are sided, then it multiplies with 3, if only one is sided then multiplies with 2, and if none is sided then there will not be an increase.. One Transaction can be performed per second, and the Transaction consists out of 1-64 Items being moved at 1EU per single Item. Formula = 1EU * SidedInventoryMultiplier() * Filtercosts() * MovedStackSize() = a Maximum of 384EU per moved stack and a minimum of 64EU per moved Stack.


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