TrainCraft is a mod created by Spitfire4466, adding trains and a few zeppelins. (There used to be more than one, but they took the other one out) There are some issues with this mod like no crafting recipe for signal lamp, and powering electric trains with EU cables.

General Information for Trains Edit

May vary with some train types but the standard default command to access the train's inventory (PC) is R though this can be reconfigured as necessary (Minecraft Technic sometimes has overlapping commands).

The standard way to connect engines and rolling stock (passenger carriages, goods wagons etc.) is to use a stake. Holding the stake, right-click on the engine then the middle of the rolling stock. In each instance you will be informed that [carriage/engine name] has attaching mode on in chat. When this is complete reverse the engine up to the rolling stock (slowly) and you will be alerted that it is attached.



Make sure you add enough water to steam engines as they overheat and 'explode' (engine despawns and you get a notice in chat) very easily when 'hot'. Even when halted, steam engines are still hot for a while so make sure they have enough water to allow time for the engine to cool down when the fuel runs out.

Do not add water or fuel by right-clicking the train with the bucket as it will be added below not in the engine and will 'drown' it (may lose engine). Instead right-click the engine with an empty hand and insert water as instructed or fuel as instructed in diesel entries.

Many of the carriages are longer than a vanilla minecart so can easily get stuck on small plateaus used for slopes (1 block flat, 1 block slope, 1 block flat etc.) so instead use longer plateaus between each slope or a Traincraft sloping track piece.


Thank you to creators of YouTube video that provided some of the information displayed here

The below guide is for the Small Steam Locomotive but similar arragements, with slightly different positioning of inputs, apply for other steam engines. It's best to put in the water first.

Steam train instructions 2-01

Guide for Small Steam Locomotive but other steam engines may use a similar system.



In order to craft trains, you have to use the Assembly Table (which is crafted in a Train Workbench)

The three types of Train Workbench are:

  • Assembly Table Tier I (Wooden and iron parts)
  • Assembly Table Tier II (Iron and steel parts)
  • Assembly Table Tier III (Steel parts)

If you have IC2 installed, you can use Refined Iron for many crafting recipes.

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