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Broken in the current version of the mod. (TrainCraft-3.1.13_030.jar) It currently uses up massive amounts of resources (exponentially more than it can hold in the slots used for block placing) just to build one meter forward, if you can get it to do anything at all.

The Tracks Builder is a machine that will lay down tracks, and dig tunnels. The tracks builder can also lay down blocks of your choice (including Buildcraft pipes, IC2 cables, etc.)

To deploy a Tracks Builder, put down a rail and place the Builder on it. Right-click the machine to access its GUI.

In order to start the Builder, you need to fill in some fuel and rails/ingots in the proper slots and it need blocks to put right under the rails. The tracks builder will not start until all necessary slots are filled.

If you fill in Gold Ingots, it will lay down powered rails.

The slots on the right side of the GUI are the Builder's inventory. The Tracks Builder will put down any blocks that are put in there. For example, you can put pipes in the top slots and the builder will lay them down.

Any attached freight cart will be used as inventory extension for the builder. Note that the builder only collects ores it won't fill with useless cobblestone.

The Tracks Builder has two modes:

  • Follow Tracks or Remove Tracks: This will set whether the Builder will follow pre-existing tracks or will remove any tracks in front of it.
  • Two Blocks Under: This will set whether the builder lays down two blocks under it or only one.

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