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Tinker's Construct is a mod included in the New World Mod Pack and the new FTB Beta Packs. It introduces a different way of crafting tools and weapons, by casting individual pieces using patterns and molds, then piecing together your tools in whatever combination you like. There are additional materials that can add bonuses to your tools after they have been made. This mod also introduces the Smeltery, a multi-block structure for melting metals and pouring them into molds for further crafting.

With this mod installed, you start the game with a book in your hand called "Materials and You, by Skyla." Very well laid out, it explains the new types of crafting benches and how to make them. It helps you get up and running -- and tinkering -- in no time.

Tinker's Construct also introduces Inventory tabs - initially just the Crafting Tab (default inventory GUI) and Armor Tab (removes the crafting grid and provides slots for various apparel), and later a Knapsack tab once you equip a Knapsack.

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