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Name Timer
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 761:0
Source Mod RedPower 2

The Timer is a block added by RedPower 2 that is one of numerous blocks designed to fill the function of one or more complex Redstone circuits, gates, latches or cells in one block. The Timer's Stone Pointer rotates one full revolution and then outputs a Redstone pulse to its three output faces. The time it takes to rotate this one revolution is specified by the player and can be edited by the internal GUI accessed by right-clicking. The minimum time is 1/5 of a second, which equates to two Redstone ticks or four server ticks, whereas the default time is two seconds. Unlike the Sequencer, the specified time of which determines a quarter-revolution's duration, the Timer's specified time is the time that it takes to rotate one full revolution.

The Timer is synchronized to the world time, which means that whenever a second passes as according to Minecraft, the Timer will similarly note that second simultaneously. The downside of the Timer's synchronization to world time is that, as with some other RedPower logic blocks such as the Synchronizer, any change in the world time (e.g. sleeping, the /time command, etc.) will reset the Timer to its 0-second position. This can cause major errors in some Redstone circuits that are dependent on the Timer to not be reset.

Bugs Edit

  • Placing a glass fiber cable or RP tube on top of the timer, for example trying to open the interface with one in your hand, will cause a client disconnect.
  • Also if you have conductive pipe/pneumatic tube on hand and (right)click timer game will crash
  • Has a Chance will require A LOT of bandwidth required from the client if on a Server. Expecally if its on .2 seconds ( had 1 taking around 400 kbits/sec on my server and made clients that had poor internet keep disconnecting with a "java internal error, Connection reset" issue.)
  • Right clicking on Timer with Electrical Engine in hand will cause "Internal Server Error" witch disconnets you from the server

Recipe Edit

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