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This article is about Thermal Expansion 2. You may be looking for the latest version of Thermal Expansion, Thermal Expansion 3.

Thermal Expansion Mod
Logo Thermal Expansion
Author(s) Team CoFH (KingLemmingCoFH, Cynycal, Zeldo)
Version 2.2.0 (2.0.5 in FTB Beta Pack A)
URL Thermal Expansion
Root Mod Buildcraft 3
Mod Pack(s) Feed The Beast Beta Pack A, Direwolf20 Pack, MindCrack Pack, Magic World Pack,Feed The Beast Lite

Thermal Expansion 2 is a mod built to extend Buildcraft 3. It is focused on transitioning items between energy states (i.e. Cobblestone to Lava, Water to Ice) using BuildCraft energy (MJ). It also adds 9 new machines that run on BuildCraft energy (MJ). The new versions of Thermal Expansion that are included in the Monster pack and The DireWolf20 pack, have its own power: RF (Redstone Flux). The Thermal Expansion machines can no longer be powered by MJ, but while you cant power TE machines with MJ you can still power the most machines with RF because the Energy counduits convert RF to MJ.





Note: the FTB BETA A pack uses TE v2.0.5 so it does not have these newer items.






Note: Some of these items are not in the appropriate categories yet.

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