The End is a stark, empty plane containing a single floating planet-like island made of a unique material known as End Stone, dotted with Obsidian pillars. These islands float in the Void.

This dimension is populated by a vast number of Endermen, who spawn considerably more often than in the Overworld, and a lone Ender Dragon, the boss of The End.

With Gregtech it generates Sheldonite, Sodalite, Olivine and Tungstate ore, in addition to Asteroids in the End. Asteroids are rare (every 100th Chunk), and are in every 25th Case large and have many Resources. They can generate at ANY Height between 10 and 246, and are hard to spot on low Render Distance, or with bad Graphic Cards. They spawn Sheldonite, Sodalite, Olivine and Tungstate. They are generally spaced widely and a way to fly is needed.

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