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Grid Thaumometer
Name Thaumometer
Type Item
Stackable No
Data Value 25269
Source Mod Thaumcraft 3

The Thaumometer is a compass that points towards magical auras.

It is made up of 4 Gold Ingots and a Water Shard on the Arcane Worktable for 20 Vis. Note that before you are able to craft it, you must first discover it on the Research Table. For a spoiler on what aspects are required for the Thaumometer, see Research by Aspect. 2 Thaumometers are required for the Goggles of Revealing head equipment.

It should be noted that previous world saves may not have any nodes spawned. However, sometimes if you wait in the world there is a chance they could spawn(needs further testing). The best solution to this is to regenerate the Thaumcraft worldgen by changing settings in the config file. One other possible solution is to try loading new chunks. Since before the mod was added, any chunks already loaded would not have any nodes. Try walking a few thousand blocks or so until you find new chunks.


The Thaumometer acts like a mystical compass, pointing you towards the center of the nearest magical aura.

You are coout aura nodes.  For now this will have to do.


2 gold ingots, a glass and the 6 different types of shards.

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