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Thamium ingots can be used to make Thaumium Armor, tools and weaponsArmor has a better durability than iron, and has the same enchantibility as gold, while weapons and tools have the same durability as iron and enchantibility as gold. Thaumium has a higher precantatio than is required to craft it, so 4 thaumium and 1 Iron Ingot will create 5 thaumium, but the Crucible can only hold 40 items.


Tier 1
Required Research: Basic Transmutation

Aspects Required (Warning Spoilers)

Aspect Metallum Metallum
Aspect Praecantatio Praecantatio

Thaumonomicon Entry

Thaumium is the result of infusing base metals with raw magical energy. The result is a metal harder than iron with the ability to accept enchantments beyond that which iron is normally capable of.

A metal such as this has many applications in the crafting of more advanced thaumaturgical devices.

It can also be used to craft tools, arms and armours in a crafting table using the normal recipes.


After that they will have to put 8 Metallium aspect and 4 Precantatio aspect in addition to 10 Vis from a wand used on the Crucible yielding 1 ingot of Thaumium

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