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A Thaumium Grafter is used like a normal Foresty grafter in the sense that it guarantees a sapling from mutated tree leaf blocks. Presumably more durable and can be enchanted to recharge itself in the presence of Nodes.

It can be made in the Arcane Worktable, and is only able to be enchanted with the repair enchantment. The Thaumium Grafter cannot be enchanted through a vanilla enchantment table (though it is unsure if this applies with third-party mods). You must enchant a book to repair (it is possible, but very rare), then combine it with the grafter on an anvil.

Research & CraftingEdit

It requires Praecantatio, Herba, Instrumentum and Lignum.

NOTICE: You MUST use an Arcane Worktable, using a regular bench will NOT work.

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