Thaumicbees is a mod that bridges the gap between Forestry and Thaumcraft 3, adding several magical varieties of bee, and bee related by-products. Most of the research added by Thaumicbees uses the Herba, Ligum and Bestiola Aspects.

The bee species added by Thaumicbees are not listed in the Apiarist Database.


Praecantatio, Bestiola, Aura, Ignis, Solum and Aqua

Mod Items ... Edit


Supernatural BeeEdit

Latin Name Coeleste coeleste Description:
Discovered by MysteriousAges These bees walk the line 

between this world and the unseen.

Added by Mod Thaumic Bees
Branch Supernatural
Product Specialty

Otherworldy Comb

Every 1.1 minutes [2]

Unusual Pollen

Every 5.7 minutes

Default AttributesEdit

Speed Normal Cave Dwelling No
Lifespan Shorter Nocturnal Yes
Fertility 2 Drones Rain Tolerant No
Pollination Slowest Temperature Normal
Territory 9x6x9 Temp. Tolerance +-2
Flowers Flowers Humidity Normal
Effect None Humid. Tolerance +-1

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