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The Table is one of the basic items in Thaumcraft. It is used in the creation of both the Arcane Worktable and the Research Table. Its construction requires two wooden planks of any kind, and three wooden slabs crafted from any kind of the same wooden planks, NOT the wooden slabs that can be cut with a handsaw. apart from the Research Table and Arcane Worktable, it makes a good decorative item for around the mysterious basement of magic, a formal library, or other low-lit castle-type rooms.

The table is the base item that starts the research and the entire mod of ThaumCraft, the only other beginning item that starts you is the Scribing Tools, and the Casting Wand.



Tables are used to make the Research Table by placing two tables next to each other, and right-clicking with Scribing Tools. The Arcane Worktable is made by placing a table down and right-clicking with a Casting Wand.

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