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The Sword of the Zephyr is a weapon added by Thaumcraft. When attacking with the Sword of the Zephyr, melee attacks hit all mobs in a cone in front of the player. When right click is held with the sword in your hand, it creates a tornado around you blowing away very nearby mobs and projectiles. Right clicking also slows down a player, and reduces/eliminates fall damge.

Sword of the Zephyr does 3-3.5 hearts of damage, slightly less than a diamond sword.


Death by Sword of the Zephyr! (Enchantments added but still very effective)

Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Sword of the Zephyr04:35

Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Sword of the Zephyr



You will need to use the following aspects:

  • Aura
  • Fractus
  • Motus
  • Telum



How to craft the Sword of the Zephyr.

After researching the Sword of the Zephyr, you need to craft it in an Infusion Altar. You need to use the following resources: (As shown in the picture)

  • Thaumium Sword
  • Wand of Lightning
  • 16 Aura
  • 16 Tellum
  • 8 Motus
  • 8 Fractus
  • 100 Vis


The Sword of the Zephyr is a great offensive (splash melee) and defensive (blowing away mobs and projectiles). A good combat strategy is:

  • Place a wand (Fire and Lightning wands work well) on each side of the sword.
  • Hold right click with the sword to deflect most arrows and push mobs back while you scroll between your attacking wands.
  • Switch back to the sword when the mobs get too close.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"You have merged the elemental fury of a wand of lightning with a thaumium sword.

When used to strike a foe, the blade will sweep in a wide arc, hitting additional foes near your main target.

When blocking the sword will conjure a sphere of whirling winds around you, pushing enemies and loose objects away and deflecting incoming projectiles."

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