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Survivalist's Pickaxe
Grid Survivalist's Pickaxe
Type Tool
Stackable No
Data Value 13281
Source Mod Forestry
The Survivalist's Pickaxe is added by Forestry. It is made in the form of a Pickaxe Kit which can be turned into the Survivalist's Pickaxe by right clicking with it in your hand. The Pickaxe Kits can be stacked 24 in a stack. When the Survivalist's Pickaxe is used up it turns into a Broken Pickaxe.

Survivalist's Pickaxes also have the ability to collect obsidian. It takes 60 seconds to do this, the same time as breaking obsidian by hand. It is unknown whether this is a bug or a feature. It seems that they cannot be enchanted.

One item of note: 

The Survivalist's Pickaxe is not a replacement for general purpose pick axe use, it is strictly for mining, and even then there are blocks it does not recognize and as such will still  destroy them.  Any of the Thaumcraft infused ores will be destroyed, as well as any machine blocks or crafted blocks such as stairs.


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