A Stone Golem Worker is a golem from Thaumcraft 3. Its purpose is to take items from the inventory (chest, machine, etc) it is assigned to and bring them to other inventories with markers adjacent to them. Golems will intelligently remove and place items from the inventories based on which side they are assigned to, and which side the marker is next to. For example, a golem assigned to a furnace will take items from the input slot if place on top, the fuel slot if placed beneath, and the output slot if placed on the side.  Once placed, a golem can be interacted with by right clicking. This will open an interface where the player can select specific colors of markers for the golem to focus on. If a color is selected, the golem will ignore all other colors of marker blocks.  The golem can be picked up at any time for storage or reassignment by right clicking with a wand in hand.

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