Steam Turbine
File:Steam Turbine factorization.png
Steam Turbine
Name Steam Turbine
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Factorization

With the Solar Boiler, this replaces the old (pre-v0.7.15, see changelog) Solar Turbine to generate Factorization energy (charge). Not to be confused with Railcraft's Steam Turbine.

When placed on top of a Solar Boiler that is:

  • given a supply of water (by being over an infinite water source block or having it piped in) and
  • has Reflective Mirrors powering it by being exposed to the sun and within line of sight

then this block will use the steam emitted from the top of the Solar Boiler to generate energy.

Solar Boilers get their "heat" to generate steam from line of sight with Reflective Mirrors, and the mirrors cannot see the sun at night or when it's raining, so the Solar Turbine will not generate power at night or when it is raining.

Mirrors must have unobstructed view of the sky except for see-through materials like glass or one-way glass. The Solar Boiler, however, gets its activation through line of sight with the mirrors and can be covered.

One unit of Charge per tick is produced for each active mirror with line of sight to the Solar Boiler if the sun is out. The most mirrors you can get in line of sight without being out of range or blocking each other is a circle of 56 (see below), so 56 charge per tick is the most you can get out of a Solar Turbine. An Energy Bridge and associated consumers and producers can convert Factorization Charge to other forms of energy.

Recipe Edit

Example Setup and Mirror Placement Edit

See the (deprecated) Solar Turbine page for setup, but remember that the old Solar Turbine block has been replaced by a Solar Boiler on the bottom (above the infinite water source) and a Steam Turbine (Factorization) above that.

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