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A Steam Turbine on the left, supplied by a Steam Boiler.

A component of Railcraft. The steam turbine is used to produce EU or Universal Electricity Kilowatts with steam. It can generate up to 200 EU/t (doubled from 100 EU/t as of Version or 100 kW, and it requires a constant input of 320 steam per tick. A liquiduct can take 160 steam per tick, so two are needed for full power.

The EU output of a fully loaded Steam Turbine is 200EU/t, which means it requires HV or Glass Fibre Cables for EU transmission, and an MFSU or MV-Transformer + MFE combo for storage.

If you are using the Energy Bridge to convert steam directly into EU, 320 steam per tick will yield ~155,5 EU/t - nearly 50 EU/t less than if you are using the Steam Turbine.  Note that this tradeoff is somewhat balanced by the cost of the Turbine Rotor, which degrades very slowly.  The rotor has a 1/200 chance per tick to degrade the durability, which gives the rotor an approximate operating time of 84 (real) hours.

A damaged rotor can be repaired by placing the rotor in the middle slot of a crafting grid, surrounding it with Turbine Blades.

Steam Turbines vary their output depending on the demand in the power grid, consuming steam and degrades the Turbine Rotor proportionally to the actual output.

It is built in a 2x3x2 pattern, the same as the Rock Crusher.


Because it is built in a 2x3x2 pattern you will need to do the recipe four times to get the amount of Steam Turbine Housing you will need.

Crafting GUI.png

Block of Steel

Steel Plate

Block of Steel

Steel Plate

Steel Plate

Block of Steel

Steel Plate

Block of Steel

Steam Turbine Housing



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Steam Turbine - How to FTB in Minecraft - 55


Railcraft Tutorial - Steam Turbine & Railcraft Steam Engines-016:00

Railcraft Tutorial - Steam Turbine & Railcraft Steam Engines-0



The Steam Turbine

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