Steam Engine
Grid Steam Engine (Thermal Expansion)
Name Steam Engine
Max Energy Engine
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Thermal Expansion

This Steam Engine is a part of Thermal Expansion. This engine  burns solid fuels and consumes Water to produce BuildCraft energy (Minecraft Joules). These engines will reduce their power output (and fuel consumption) if not enough energy is being consumed. If the engine overheats, it will shutdown and require a whack with a Crescent Hammer (or other BuildCraft compatible Wrench) to restart.

Power Minimum / Maximum: 0.2 MJ/t / 2.0 MJ/t.


Fuel MJ
Plank 568
Peat 638


Coal 4776
Coal Coke 9576


3. Copper Ingot 

1. Redstone Transmission Coil 

1. Piston 

2. Copper Gear 

Crafting GUI.png

Copper Ingot

Copper Gear

Copper Ingot

Redstone Transmission Coil


Copper Ingot

Copper Gear

Steam Engine


The Steam Engine can power:

  • Pulverizer
  • Sawmill
  • Induction Smelter
  • Magma Crucible
  • Liquid Transposer
  • Glacial Precipitator

Additional InformationEdit

More information about the Steam Engine can be found here.

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