MystCraftExtraBiomesXL Sunset

An example of a mystcraft age, using ExtraBiomesXL biomes.

Randomly generated worlds (ages) always have instability.

Much instability is caused by conflicting symbols. A prominent example of this is selecting the Single Biome symbol and adding multiple biomes. Remember, there is no erase function, so once a symbol is written into the descriptive book it is there forever.

Note that multiple skies can be mixed to create different colors, and won't affect the stability of the world. 

A dense ore world will always be unstable. This can be partially counteracted by adding symbols like ChargedMeteors, and Spontaneous Explosions.

In order to have a stable age, you must have

  • Exactly 1 Biome Controller (single biome, huge biome, etc.)
  • Exactly 1 terrain controller (standard, cave world, etc. Skylands and Flat does not count.)
  • The correct number of biomes for the used biome controller (0 of native biome, 1 for single biome, 2 for checkerboard, 3+ for all others)
  • At least 1 sun, 1 moon, and 1 star symbol, colors not mandantory. More can be added without damaging stability.
  • Exactly 1 lighting symbol
  • Exactly 1 weather symbol
  • (Optional) The "Clear Modifiers" symbol placed last. Cancels out any MODIFIERS (colors materials, directions) that are not applied to any symbols. Any extra primary symbols (listed above) remain and damage stability.

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