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The Soul Cage is a special block which is used with a Soul Shard to spawn the type of mob which a Soul Shard d used with the Soul Cage, spawning mobs from a Soul Cage can happen much more rapidly than with a vanilla monster spawner. To use a Soul Cage, place it on the ground and then place a Soul Shard inside of the Soul Cage by right-clicking on a Soul Shard on your hotbar onto the cage. Assuming the mob's spawning conditions are met, mobs will immediately begin to spawn at a set rate based on the tier of the Soul Shard until you remove the Soul Shard. Mob spawning from the Soul Cage can be stopped with a constant redstone signal if a tier 5 Soul Shard is placed inside.

The spawn area is the same as a vanilla spawner. That is, an 8x8x3 area around the spawner (with the odd sides being towards the lower x and z coordinates).

Destroying the soul cage with a pickaxe will drop the soul cage and the last soul shard placed in it. A Soul Shard removed from a Soul Cage in this way will have the number of collected souls inside of it rounded down to the minimum number of souls for its current tier.



  • Placing another shard in a soul cage that already has a shard will cause the earlier shard(s) to be lost.
  • Placing a shard in a soul cage will cause any souls in excess of the number of souls required for that tier to be lost. That is, if you capture 1000 souls in a soul shard (tier 4), and then place it into a soul cage, and then destroy the soul cage, your shard will only have 512 souls (minimum for tier 4).
  • you cannot put an other world mob (e.g. A wither skeleton or blaze ect.) in a soul cage unless the soul shard is tier 4 or over.
  • Though only tier 5 spawners can be controlled by redstone, you can use a redstone lamp over the cage to control the light level, effectively controlling it with redstone.


  • Destroying a soul cage with a Wither Skeleton shard in it will drop a Skeleton shard of the same tier. Possibly, it is because Wither Skeletons and Skeletons share the same mob ID.
  • Destroying a soul cage with a Zombie Villager shard in it will drop a Zombie shard of the same tier, although it will spawn Zombie Villagers when it is a Zombie Villager shard. Again, because Zombie Villagers and Zombies share the same mob ID.


Sould Shard tutorial! FTB 09:03

Sould Shard tutorial! FTB

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