Solar Boiler
File:Grid Solar Boiler.png
Solar Boiler
Name Solar Boiler
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Factorization

The Solar Boiler is an item from Factorization, added in v0.7.15, which is used with the Steam Turbine (Factorization) to generate Factorization energy (charge). This replaces the old (and now un-craftable) single-block Solar Turbine.  In order to work, it must be placed over an infinite water source block (from which it will draw water) or have water piped into it. Steam is delivered from the top (typically into a Steam Turbine (Factorization) placed there). Boilers can be stacked on top of one another and the one at the bottom will supply water to the whole stack, making it possible to build a tower of 7 solar boilers, surrounded by a total of 232 mirrors, which will provide enough steam for up to 4 industrial steam engines running at full power. Steam produced by a Solar Boiler can be used with Railcraft's Hobbyist's Steam Engine.

Solar boilers have 3 parts:1- mirrors 2- sun-trackers 3-A container in the focal of mirrors.

1-Mirrors: They reflect sun-rays on the container

2-Sun-tracker: Cause the earth is rotating,sun-tracker keeps sun-rays reflected by mirrors on the container.

3- Container's temperature reaches during the day.the temperature depends on the number of mirrors ,and insolation.[1]


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