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Sodalite Dust
File:Grid Soldalite Dust.png
Type Dust
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod GregTech

Sodalite Dust is one of the dusts that are used in GregTech.


Sodalite Dust can be obtained from Sodalite Ore, which is generated in the End. 8 Sodalite Dust can also be obtained (along with 48 Lazurite Dust, 4 Pyrite Dust, and 4 Calcite Dust) by placing a stack of 64 Lapis Lazuli into an Industrial Centrifuge.


Sodalite Dust can be processed into Chlorite Cells, Silicon Cells, Sodium Cells and Aluminium Dust.

It can also be used as a blue dye as a replacement for a Lapis Lazuli.


MachineGUI Background.png
MachineGUI Macerator.png

Sodalite Ore

Sodalite Dust


Industrial Grinder.png
Water Cell

Sodalite Ore

Sodalite Dust
Aluminium Dust

Empty Cell

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