Soaryn, the artist for XyCraft, who later took over coding of the mod from ChickenBones, and player on the Forgecraft server, is a pillar of the community. With his creative, cheerful attitude and brilliant sense of humour, he is most definitely a one of a kind player in the FTB community. His unfinished mod, XyCraft, is a technology based mod that adds complex machines and items such as the water tanks and  it has its own power system.

Future plans for the mod are unclear, seeing as how he has very little time to code for it with college and streaming. Yet the mod is shaping up to be large in size and very advanced. 


XyCraft's wiki can be found here: Click Here.

XyCraft (Zy-Craft) is a mod revolved around tech expansion. Currently I am working on the Core, World as well as the first expansion Machines. I plan to make a few other Expansions as well, but for now, these three portions will be my primary focus. - Soaryn, XyCraft wiki.

Images (outdated)

XyBlocks Night

XyCraft aesthetical blocks

XyCraft world is the first expansion of XyCraft. This adds on the natural spawning of Xychorium ores as well as Aluminium ore and Quartz Crystals. This package also adds Xychoridite blocks, Xychorium storage blocks, Food, sulphur and aluminium torches, and liquid dyes. The aesthetic blocks are also very useful for making amazing looking buildings!

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