Slag Furnace
Slag Furnace
Slag Furnace
Name Slag Furnace
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Factorization

The slag furnace works similarly to the vanilla furnace, but has an extra output slot. It also uses twice the fuel.

For most ores, it will produce an ingot with a low (20%) chance of making two instead of one, and also some Stone. Silver Ore will make Silver Ingots and Lead Ingots. Silver is used for Mirrors, which are needed to make Factorization Charge, and Lead is used for electrical wiring for the Factorization mod.

It is also used for converting clean ore gravel into reduced ore chunks, which forms part of the ore processing chain for the Factorization mod.

Recipe Edit

Crafting GUI.png









Slag Furnace

Uses Edit

These recipes can be run in a slag furnace:

  • Clean Copper Chunks >> Reduced Copper Chunks (142%)
  • Clean Galena Chunks >> Reduced Lead Chunks (160%) + Reduced Silver Chunks (110%)*
  • Clean Gold Chunks >> Reduced Gold Chunks (142%)
  • Clean Iron Chunks >> Reduced Iron Chunks (142%)
  • Clean Tin Chunks >> Reduced Tin Chunks (142%)
  • Dirty Copper Gravel >> Dirt (20%) + Copper (142%)
  • Dirty Gold Gravel >> Dirt (20%) + Gold (142%)
  • Dirty Iron Gravel >> Dirt (20%) + Iron (142%)
  • Dirty Tin Gravel >> Dirt (20%) + Tin (142%)
  • Copper Ore >> Stone (40%) + Copper (120%)
  • Gold Ore >> Stone (40%) + Gold (120%)
  • Iron Ore >> Stone (40%) + Iron (120%)
  • Silver Ore >> Silver (100%) + Lead (120%)*
  • Tin Ore >> Stone (40%) + Tin (120%)
  • Redstone Ore >> Stone (20%) + Redstone (580%)*

Recipes marked with a star are particularly advantageous.

Automation Edit

The Slag Furnace can be connected to BuildCraft Pipes the same way as a vanilla furnace. Pump the items to be smelted into the top, fuel into the bottom and the output can be pumped out the side. The top output will be fully emptied before anything can pull out of the second output slot.

The Slag Furnace can also be heated by a Heater connected to Factorization Charge instead of using fuel.


File:Block Spotlight - Slag Furnace

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