The Skylands have a buildup of world blocks very much like the Overworld, but it is always midday, and it does not rain or snow (although cloud cover does occasionally appear as if it were raining). Although uncommon, it is possible to find Sugar Cane, Redstone, Lapis Lazuli, and occasionally Diamond! Like the Overworld, you can find Dungeons, Iron, Gold, and Coal. The only mobs that spawn in the SkyLands are chickens and very rarely cows or pigs. Below the floating islands that make up the Skylands, there is nothing but the Void and a layer of clouds.



monsters and a massive open space within, the former are peaceful floating islands spawn surrounded by open space. The Nether may also be thought of as being a hell with The Sky Dimension being a heaven; although the hazards present in each dimension are similar, falling from the sky dimension is just as lethal as falling from a cliff into the lava ocean in the Nether.
  • The Sky Dimension is an inversion of The Nether, where as the latter is basically a large cave with a few openings, the Sky Dimension is a huge open space with some floating islands.

The Sky Dimension, similar to the Nether, has weather disabled. This is likely explained by the fact that it is above the clouds.Edit

I hope this also helps:

Minecraft Skyland Chain Ep17:04

Minecraft Skyland Chain Ep.1, Dumb and Dumber-0

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