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Using Blank Template the sequencer will consume bees to write their species onto a blank template to give a species-specific template. This holds the genome for the species, and acts as a blueprint. Sequencing is a process which requires a large amount of power, specifically 2500MJ from its 15000MJ storage. It takes 15 seconds to sequence a bee, and queens and princesses are worth much more than drones. Also analyzed bees are worth twice as much, so make sure to analyze them first.

Bees added to the left are used to sequence a genome. If the DNA progess bar is at the bottom and it says None underneath the progress bar in the center then any bee can be processed. But once you've started writing a species only that species can be placed in the sequencer. To reset the sequencer either use a BC logic gate or remove the blank templates from the bottom of the DNA Progess Bar.

Only basic bees can be squenced like Forest, Meadow, Common etc...


Crafting GUI.png

Glowstone Block


Glowstone Block

Genetic Machine


Glowstone Block


Sequencer (Extra Bees)


File:Block Spotlight - Sequencer

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