Item Screwdriver
Name Screwdriver
Type Item
Stackable No
Data Value 5268
Source Mod RedPower 2

The Screwdriver is a tool included with RedPower 2, and is used to reorient blocks that have been placed in the world or change some of their properties. A regular screwdriver takes damage when it is used, whereas a Sonic Screwdriver can be recharged with blutricity.

Recipe Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot




Right-clicking a machine block or logic gate with the screwdriver will rotate the block without the need to replace it. The block cycles through all 6 possible orientations, beginning at the start on further clicks. This will work on RedPower 2 logic gates and machines as well as vanilla pistons, repeaters and dispensers.

Shift-right-clicking on many RedPower 2 logic gates will change some property associated with the gate; for example, on an RS latch, the gate can be mirrored (exchanging output sides without exchanging input sides) and the reflection of an output signal through the corresponding input (in addition to the regular output) can be enabled or disabled.

RedPower Control monitors, disk drives, and I/O expanders can also be shift-right-clicked with a screwdriver; doing so opens up the control panel where the DIP switches setting the device's Redbus address can be changed.

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