Scepter of Life Draining; Scepter of Twilight; Zombie Scepter
Grid Zombie ScepterGrid Scepter of TwilightGrid Scepter of Life Draining
All three scepters.
Name Scepter of Life Draining; Scepter of Twilight; Zombie Scepter
Type Tool
Stackable No
Data Value Life Draining: 27306

Twilight: 27307 Zombie: 27308

Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Scepters are items dropped by the Lich which is found in a Lich Tower in the Twilight Forest. The three Scepters have various powers. The Scepter that the Lich carries has the powers of all three Scepters combined, yet only one of the Scepters is dropped upon his death. As with anything fueled by EU, when the Scepters run out of durability, they simply cease functioning and must be recharged but do not break. All three Scepters cause the player to move slower, when right-click is held down to use them, the screen zoom in slightly as if the player were using a Bow.

Scepter of Life DrainingEdit

The Scepter of Life Draining is a scepter which drains the life energy of whatever mob is right-clicked. Pink particle effects appear upon doing so. The best way to use this scepter is to hold down right-click while staring at an enemy. This will cause the enemy to float off the ground slightly and life energy will be transferred from the enemy to the user of the scepter, causing the user to heal faster than normal as if the user were in Peaceful mode. If the transfer of life energy is stopped midway through, the enemy will have the Slowness debuff applied to them and continue to approach the player, but at a much slower rate allowing the player to recharge the scepter or prepare for another round of draining.

The Scepter of Life Draining holds 99 charges.


Crafting GUI.png

Drained Scepter of Life Draining

Scepter of Life Draining

Scepter of TwilightEdit

The Scepter of Twilight is a scepter which shoots projectiles exactly identical to the Lich's projectiles whenever it is right-clicked. These particles appear with a texture similar to Ender Pearls and a blue-green particle effect following them. They are prone to gravity, but only slightly, and the effect can only be seen over a distance of 32 meters or more. Each projectile deals 2.5 hearts of damage, able to kill Skeletons and Creepers in four hits, Spiders in three and Zombies in five. (Hint: You can use this scepter to easily destroy a Lich's magical shields.)

The Scepter of Twilight holds 99 charges.


Crafting GUI.png

Drained Scepter of Twilight

Ender Pearl

Scepter of Twilight

Zombie ScepterEdit

The Zombie Scepter is a scepter which summons zombie minions such as those that the Lich creates when he reaches ~75% health. These zombies are faster, stronger and more durable than normal zombies. Their textures have been adjusted to be more green. They are also loyal to their creator and will fight any enemies that their creator encounters. However, they are vulnerable to light and will spontaneously combust after one or two minutes (random chance.) 

After a time limit the zombies will burn up and die- even being in water will not stop this 'recall' effect- so you cannot have indefinite zombie minions, unfortunately.

The Zombie Scepter holds 9 charges.


Crafting GUI.png

Drained Zombie Scepter

Rotten Flesh

Zombie Scepter

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