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The Safari Net is an item which allows you to capture mobs inside the item by right-clicking them and again release them by right-clicking on a surface. This makes transporting mobs much easier (for mob farming etc.) It will not capture all mobs, for example boss mobs. It can be shot out of Safari Net Launcher


  • The Safari Net will change colour depending on the mob inside. The color is similar to that of the corresponding spawn egg.
  • The Safari Net might be PowerCrystal's (the mod author) idea of a Minecraft pokeball, due to the item's resemblance to a pokeball and due to the fact that several Pokémon games have an item called "Safari Ball".


  • Capturing a King Spider and releasing it will spawn a Skeleton Druid riding it, resulting in multiple druids.
  • Attempting to capture the body of a Hydra will crash the game client.
  • Slimes give unlimited Mob Essence.


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Safari Net (Single-Use)

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