Rubber Sheet
Several Rubber Sheets set up as a trampoline.
Type Block
Tool Any tool
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2

Rubber Sheets are an advanced use for Rubber provided by IndustrialCraft2. They have two main purposes: negating fall damage, and bouncing on them like a trampoline. This dual purpose could make for an interesting way to get into a base with an entrance high off the ground.


Crafting GUI.png







Rubber Sheet



Rubber Sheets have to be placed in a very specific manner, or they will not work correctly. In order for them to work, two conditions must be met:

  1. The block directly beneath the Rubber Sheets must be air. This allows the Sheets to have "give," so you don't break your legs on the hard ground underneath them.
  2. The Rubber Sheets must not be in a corner of two blocks. This means that the smallest effective "trampoline" is a 3x3 grid, as long as you stay on the center Rubber Sheet. Making a 4x4 trampoline allows much more room for error, as it gives a 2x2 square in the center to bounce on safely.

If these conditions are not met correctly, jumping on the trampoline may cause it to be destroyed.

Canceling Fall DamageEdit

When jumping from heights, it is important to note that anything greater than a 15 block fall will still damage you like normal. For instance, dropping from 15 blocks onto a valid Rubber Sheet trampoline will cause no damage. Falling from 16 blocks onto the same sheet will cause 12 points of damage.


In addition to negating fall damage, Rubber Sheets can be used for bouncing. Simply jump from the side of the trampoline onto it, and keep the jump key held down when you land for as long as you want to bounce. If you let up on the jump key, it will stop the bouncing. Each bounce will throw you slightly higher than the last, allowing you to get up to higher platforms with time.

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